Back to school...and back to Elves......

So the long summer break is over and I can finally break the silence. My intention was to squeeze in a few blogs over the summer, in reality I spent my days on lazy dog walks, plays in the park and trips to the coast with my family.

But schools back, and I have the gift of long quiet mornings. It's the busiest time of year for me, my order book is bulging and I have two exciting festive events to plan for. The first is the Staplehurst Craft Fair on the 26th November at the Staplehurst Village Centre (2.30 - 4.30pm). Lots of local artisans and tradespeople are gathering under one roof to showcase and sell their wares. This event has been hugely popular in the past so i'm bursting with excitement. The other event I will be attending is the Kitch and Stitch fair in Cranbrook on the 3rd December at the Vestry Hall (from 10am). 

The last few weeks i've been busily finalising my festive line of products. I have puddings, stockings, reindeers and...elves....and elves....and elves...
The Elf on the Shelf idea has become increasingly popular in the UK, and more and more parents are frantically shopping for all sorts of elves in preparation for December 1st.  The original concept is that an Elf comes to visit in December, and during his stay gets up to all kinds of mischief. Its highly entertaining for children and it stirs up an inner creativity in all parents. It's wonderful. In our house we like to do a twist on this idea....our Elf encourages the children to do various acts of kindness (with a few mischievous antics along the way).

So today I'm back to knitting Elves and coming up with some festive Elfy names for them (suggestion are always welcomed). I'll leave you with a few Elfy ideas that we've used in our house:

1. Elf raids the laundry basket and decorates the tree with pants
2. Elf asks children to research charities and choose one to donate to
3. Elf makes a special festive breakfast
4. Elf leaves a treasure hunt 
5. Elf asks children to compliment a friend
6. Elf leaves magic beans which grow into chocolate coins
7. Elf has a party with the childrens toys
8. Elf dresses up in dolls clothes
9. Elf leaves tickets to the cinema, panto etc....
10. Elf leaves a recipe card and ingredients to make festive biscuits.

Suggestions of elf names can be mailed to
Elves are available either from this website or via my Etsy shop: