Fiddly Fair Isle (and a collection of clever makers)

Its amazing the effect the weather has on us. We Brits are well known for our precipitation orientated conversation; did you know that research suggests that high temperatures help to raise people's low moods and extreme rain brings out the worst in people. Whether you believe this or not, the chill and the rain we have had today has with almost certainty caused a knitted nightmare.

I have been getting myself fizzled over some rather tricky pattern work. I like to use the fair isle technique when working a pattern (twisting the yarn every 3 or 4 stitches to create a smooth, non loopy back). I can usually work a pattern effortlessly and flawlessly but today my yarns and my brain were not cooperating. I got there in the end, but I do wonder if I'd be writing something very different if the sun had been shining.

But we have had some glorious sun filled days this week and it has inspired me to think about the summer fairs coming up. I will be attending the staplehurst craft fair again alongside some other talented local artisans. When I'm not ferociously knitting, I have been working on a website which aims to bring local skilled tradespeople together, showcasing the broad range of talent we have in and around Staplehurst. Want to know more? The website is now live... 

And so another day draws to an end. My fiddly pattern work is complete and I can sit back and enjoy the tranquility of my house full of sleeping babies.