Happy Easter

It's been a while since I have posted - I have been sidetracked by a wave of creativity. I find that my ideas flow in waves, and for the last few weeks I have been riding a huge creative wave. I have been busily working on a range of amazing bookmarks. Ok, I know a lot of us are kindle or kobo readers, but, I still love reading BOOK books. Paper back, hard back, bookshop books. There is something quite wonderful about wondering around a bookshop, and buying a brand new book. The smell of the new pages is something I will always love. So whilst my husband is a technological reader, I am very much still a paper book reader. And so my bookmarks are very appealing to me, but also to my three children, who are all keen readers. 

I have also been designing a unique range of greetings card - flamingos, cupcakes, flowers, bunnies to name but a few. The full range of cards are curretly available for you to buy at Made in Ashford, Park Mall, Ashford, Kent. This magical shop is home to over 30 small creative businesses. You will find a wonderful mix of art, jewellrey, home decor, beauty products and so much more, all handmade by highy skilled tradespeople and artisans. If you are local to Ashford, I really do reccomend going and having a look.

This weekend we have been enjoying the Easter break. My three young children have important egg hunting and choocolate eating to do, and so I am taking a well deserved rest from work.

Happy Easter to you all!