Makers meeting and Mini fairies

After a rather challenging start to the day (three children and a puppy ensures there is never a dull moment to my mornings) I finally managed to make it to Helens Coffee House in Staplehurst for a gathering of like minded people to talk about all things craft.

I am so fortunate to live in a village so rich with talent - it's only a  small village, but home to such a diverse collection of artisans.

I met some new faces and some old ones (Polly Had a Dolly, Bombalicious and Little Red Hen) and we discussed plans for the next craft fair (June 18th at the Staplehurst Village Centre, 2.30 until 4.30 for those of you who are local). Fuelled up on coffee and breakfast snacks, we all talked with passion about our businesses and shared ideas and experiences.  It always motivates me talking to fellow crafters - I ended up having a really productive afternoon making a good start on some rainbow fairy bunting for a customer. My fairies are made with 100% cotton and wool and are so tiny they fit into the palm of your hand. The process is quite fiddly, but I really enjoy delicate work like this. 

Here are the links to some of the clever ladies in my village.