shhh...I want to talk about Christmas...

I know Spring has only really just arrived, but this week I have Christmas firmly stuck in my mind. I am thinking in reds and greens and have pictures of elves scattered around my living room.

Every year, my Christmas Elves are met with such enthusism and excitement. This years Elf just gets better. For a start, he is smaller - easier to pop in your bag and take out the house. He is also made from 100% wool, both inside and out. This means he is more durable and generally just better in quality.

Of course the new design means new safety testing.  So this week I have been subjecting an elf  to a series of stretching, twisting and other painful tests. The finale is like something from a scene of a horror film.  Strung up and attached to G clamps, with a heavy heart I introduce a flame to the tips of his toes. But here is the great news. Because he is made from 100% wool, there are not big flames, he simply smoulders. So I am pleased to say that the Christmas Elf 2016, like all my toys, will proudly carry the CE mark.

And so, with Christmas plans underway, I can get back to Spring. Today I have some last minute Spring wedding shoes and crowns to knit, 6 metres of bunting to finsh and a bouncy puppy to walk.