Spring creativity and a love for my crockpot.

Today I am surrounded by Spring - the bright and crisp sunshine is such a great motivator after a tiring weekend.

And so I move into a new week, with gratitude for the good weather, for my friends and for the ability to cast on stitches whilst having a conversation with an almost three year old.

As one project ends, new ones begin. With a large pile of undyed wool in front of me, I am faced with the fun job of dying it a rainbow of colours for a collection of baby snug boots. This wool is amazing - it's 100% soft wool and ethically souced.  With the skeins tied and the dye pots ready, all thats left is the marriage between them in the crock pot. The process itself takes hours, so as I nervously await the results, I turn towards my next project.  

I am designing and making a christening outfit for a very special little girl. This is one of my favourite aspects of my job - having a blank piece of paper to work from. No instructions. No guidance.  Just my creative mind, my love of wool and the help of my chattering little boy. And a creative mind is just what i'm going to need for lunch, since my crockpot is currently stuffed with wool. eek!