Woolly socks and may the force be with you.

Have you ever slipped your feet into a pair of hand knitted socks? If you have, then you'll know that handmade socks are something incomparable to anything you'll find on the high street. They are luxurious, soft and just a cosy delight to sink your toes into. They are also one of the most fiddly things a knitter will knit!

I remember my first attempt at making a sock - I enthusiastically unpacked my needles with excitement. Nothing however prepared me for the frustration and tears that knitting with 5 double pointed needles was going to bring me!

Of course now it's much easier, and I do strangely enjoy my sock work. It is always satisfying watching the sock roll out in front of me as the work spins in circles over the double pointed needles. I always use super soft sock wool to ensure every pair I make is truly wonderful to wear.

And so today, I finally complete a big woolly sock order and sadly put away my double pointed needles.

Before I start work on any new orders, I have a hugely important job to finish off. My star wars obsessed mini boy has a birthday fast approaching. All my children are very used to my knitted creations so hopefully the knitted cast of star wars will bring some joy to my small boys face.

If you fancy giving your feet a special treat, do consider buying some of my 100% soft woollen socks (for babies and adults).